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Domestic Offering

Mutual Funds

     We assist clients to invest across fund houses through offline and online mode 


Portfolio Management Services

       Currently our offering includes PMS from Motilal Oswal, Alchemy Capital & Multi-Act


Life & General Insurance

       We assist our client in the Risk management through our associates


Alternative Investments

       The category includes offerings in PE Funds, Real Estate Funds, Structures etc.


Estate Planning

       Help our clients to incorporate Wills


Real Estate

       Currently, this is being offered in Pune

Overseas Offering


        Currently being offered across 35 World Stock Exchanges


Mutual Funds

        Can be invested through insurance platforms of the world


Portfolio Bonds

         Creation of Trust outside India for portfolio diversification

Hedge Funds

         Currency and Interest rate based funds can be invested into



         Investment in various structures from the best companies in the world

Specialised Bond Funds

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